I love him, he is my brother.

In my case, I say “I love her, she is my sister..”

But what do you do when it takes a literal meaning…

Meaning, you don’t just ‘love’ your brother like a ‘brother’, you love him.

You. love. him.

How confusing can the world get for you when suddenly, you’re attracted to the person who knows you like no one else? Can life get more complicated? Can love get more confusing? Yes, it can – When they reciprocate….

I was carelessly checking the regular blogs as I usually do on Mondays and I came across (by chance) the beautiful yet sad tale of “Starcrossed” a feature film barely 15 minutes long, but probably one of those stories I’ll never really forget. The movie is about these two brothers who… share a bond, that is definitely something more than (as its own description put it) filial. And its not hard to understand from the brillant acting… they’re in love.

So, this movie took less than 10 minutes to make my heart melt, but it’ll probably take me atleast the week to getover their suicide. Handcuffed to the lowest rail of a swimming pool ladder, their last breaths escaping their lungs as they kissed, for the last time…

Love has always been just love for me. Being gay makes you think of the possibilities more openly I guess, so I wasn’t that weirded out that I was watching two supposedly biological brothers being rather intimate; kissing, cuddling, hugging ect… For me, they were just two men, in love. But I did have a moment where I just mentally went ‘wait, shouldn’t I be thinking this is wrong!?’ But how could I… Who am I to think I can judge/understand or cast my opinion on what they have? Or anyone else for that matter…And besides, whatever I saw in that movie, the emotion, the attachment, the two brothers showed was just amazing, just utterly amazing… Makes me wish I could find love like that..I mean, That doesn’t happen everyday… And I feel lucky to catch a glimpse of it.

And clichéd’ly enough, as all star-crossed lovers their love led to a tragic demise for the both of them…. A tragic demise, partially because the world wasn’t really that understanding that love knows no understanding, logic or boundary. So here’s most of it…Enjoy!