You held me tight.

we barely knew each other, but lying next to you drunk with christmas cheer and wine… and my first kiss barely moments ago. My christmas was made. You were the icing on the cake. and we went to bed.. together, not a second thought in our heads. I didn’t even know it would be second best to when the lights were out… that moment that followed. For the doubt and insecurity over which you wrote with trust and affection. The moment your hands found mine and pulled me close and into your lips tasting of you and.. a little bit of me. And trapped me in your arms.. You took my breath away.. quite literally too. I thank God… for that moment.  where I lost air in my lungs, but was filled with the hope that was ‘you and I’.

Blacky, Your the Best!! *Big Hug*

I’ve been friends with Blacky close to 6 years now; True, I’ve known her for a bit more than that, but I’d like to think we were officially friends since December 2003, reaching best friend status in May 2004! *snidely happy that he remembers the date; one of the only things he still remembers and will never forget!*

To think we connected over a shared love for munchee chocolate cream biscuits! *sigh* hehe, we’ll we’ve graduated to much expensive delights now…hehe, but the friendship has graduated too. It’s hard to imagine my life without having her as its constant companion, critique and muse. Yes, muse; she inspires and influences alot in me…hehe, even things I’m barely concious to admit.

She was -in all honesty- my first true and honest friend, a person i loved, valued and appreciated above all else, there are none that compare to who she is to me, actually, I don’t think anyone ever will, she’s THAT special. Probably the first and last girl I ever loved, and the only girl I’d ever consider marrying, well, except for twinky, (for reasons thats best left unsaid, except between the two of us…) hehe, something even my mother brought up some time back…hehe

Nimzy, my bestest best friend in the WHOLE wide ultraverse, Its been an awsome 6 years knowing you, and I hope its a friendship that’ll outlast time…..*BIG HUG*