Family Portrait – For Blacky

Here’s something I thought the blacklight needed to hear from her tubelight, in reply to her family portrait. The peach can also read noh? hehe
all three by ~freakinjeans

all three by ~freakinjeans

A family is a family
when there is love,
where you could live happily,
where you fit like a glove,
your not born in to a family,
your born into love,
if that love is not found there,
just look beyond and above,
just somewhere out there,
without a doubt,
love can be found there,
as i did find out,
so put back your portrait,
of the family of four,
a new portrait can be made,
as you step out the door,
But remember this,
you did come from that place,
from a family of four,
that found you a place,
it may have not been perfect,
it may have not been love,
but there was something there,
that was given from above.
i take that girl,
that felt no emotion,
i take that cold heat,
and give it a solution,
with fire you may burn,
that family portrait,
but with water i bring,
total absolution,
as deep calls to deep,
i know he calls unto you,
he is a love that you can keep,
he is waiting for you,
he gave me some hope,
he gave me a dream,
he brought me closer,
and he brought me you,
you say you’re the blacklight,
but i know its not true,
i know the light within you,
a bright light that is true,
he gave me back a famliy,
he also gave me you,
you may not know it,
but your part of my family too,
so don’t ever look back,
and think of your past,
you know you have me,
i hope you see that now, at last,
you have me the tubelight,
you have also the peach,
you have that little joshy,
you have love that is sweet,
so make that new family portrait,
of a new family of four,
where you could live happily,
in peace forever, evermore..

Blacky, Your the Best!! *Big Hug*

I’ve been friends with Blacky close to 6 years now; True, I’ve known her for a bit more than that, but I’d like to think we were officially friends since December 2003, reaching best friend status in May 2004! *snidely happy that he remembers the date; one of the only things he still remembers and will never forget!*

To think we connected over a shared love for munchee chocolate cream biscuits! *sigh* hehe, we’ll we’ve graduated to much expensive delights now…hehe, but the friendship has graduated too. It’s hard to imagine my life without having her as its constant companion, critique and muse. Yes, muse; she inspires and influences alot in me…hehe, even things I’m barely concious to admit.

She was -in all honesty- my first true and honest friend, a person i loved, valued and appreciated above all else, there are none that compare to who she is to me, actually, I don’t think anyone ever will, she’s THAT special. Probably the first and last girl I ever loved, and the only girl I’d ever consider marrying, well, except for twinky, (for reasons thats best left unsaid, except between the two of us…) hehe, something even my mother brought up some time back…hehe

Nimzy, my bestest best friend in the WHOLE wide ultraverse, Its been an awsome 6 years knowing you, and I hope its a friendship that’ll outlast time…..*BIG HUG*


Yesterday, my bestie Blacky, wrote this beautiful poem, and i couldnt help but pen a few words for her, the thing I’m MOST thankful for..

shes the moon in my dark night

she's the moon in my dark night

*BIG surprise hug for Blacky*

Thanks for the times you held me tight
Thanks for being there at night
Thanks for being that bright light
Thanks for paths you guided me right