You held me tight.

we barely knew each other, but lying next to you drunk with christmas cheer and wine… and my first kiss barely moments ago. My christmas was made. You were the icing on the cake. and we went to bed.. together, not a second thought in our heads. I didn’t even know it would be second best to when the lights were out… that moment that followed. For the doubt and insecurity over which you wrote with trust and affection. The moment your hands found mine and pulled me close and into your lips tasting of you and.. a little bit of me. And trapped me in your arms.. You took my breath away.. quite literally too. I thank God… for that moment.  where I lost air in my lungs, but was filled with the hope that was ‘you and I’.

All Grown Up Now…

All Grown Up

All Grown Up

people give you money, but you have to work a month for it.
you play with kids, but they insist on calling you uncle.
your running in the rain, but you run for cover.
your offerred sweets, and you say no.
you watch cartoons and wonder why they never seem to grow older, or change their clothes.
you want a nap, from here till next year.

Yup, I’m all grown up now….