Love is…

I was tagged by Blacky a few days ago on this viral post on love… *sigh* here’s what I got thinking of…

love is…that he knew me, loved me and died for me even before i was born.I think i’m yet to fully understand that one…

love is…wanting to get rid of everything you gave me, except the memories; I just can’t erase them, BELIEVE ME….I TRIED…

love is…my mother, for putting aside her religious beliefs, the norms of society and her reputation to openly accept her gay son…it’s not a 100%, but meeting in the middle is great, for now…hehe

love is…my sister, for believing for too long in the perfect family, even when we gave up…

love is…paying the bill after dinner.

love is…when you take the last tic tac without explanations even if they begged for it; You would too if you had forgotten to brush your teeth that morning..

love is…the anonymous gesture that goes beyond an act of kindness.

love is…tolerating me when i’m cranky.

love is…a liter of Haagan Das Vanilla Ice Cream…and the company to eat it with.

love is…craving her when you’re having a bad day…and her hugs!

love is…not making a scene everytime he ‘borrows’ something of yours, even though the chances of it coming back to you are slimmer than your parents doing the nasty.

love is…listening to sad lovesongs so that i don’t feel guilty for moving on…or wanting to replace you.

love is…saying he’s more talented, even though stretching your fart for an extra second or two is not a talent.

love is…seeing the beauty of your significant other even when they’re dressed like a glam-rock nightmare from the 80’s.

love is…the craving to protect, even at the expense of your own safety.

love is…handing over the last piece of pork-fat, even if they remain the rind of skin much to your dismay.

love is…a chest hurting sigh when you remember him.

love is…an obsessive need to keep it in and let it out at the same time!

love is…waiting for the one, even at the expense of lifelong ridicule…and near impossiblity.

love is…a forced, but believable giggle at the lamest joke you heard, EVER!

love is…waking up alone, wishing you weren’t.

love is…wanting to dry-hump his perfectly round ass in public when you catch someone else looking at it.

love is…tolerating a test series when you could be ideally watching Gilmore Girls.

love is…doing his bloody homework even though the thought of writing a business report makes you want to claw your eyes.

love is…screaming with an inside voice when he’s come to take you out to dinner dressed in the the shortest shorts you’ve ever seen on a grown man, in luminous green.

love is…best understood when your the one in it.

love is…letting her have the remote.

love is…thinking of her when your at a shop and you see something purple and shiny.

love is…choosing to ignore the most hurtful things, and smile.

love is…a fairytale, that many choose not to make their own.

love is…stalking.

love is…my slippers.

love is…wanting to change the world, one person at a time.

love is…joshy, i can’t wait to give him his first cavity, spoil him rotten and tell him about what a pain in the ass his mom was! Payback’s a bitch ain’t it… hehe

love is…flushing his poo, no questions asked.

love is…knowing your loved.

love is…smiling on the outside, while dying on the inside because he’ll never be yours.

love is…very complicated.

love is…saying ‘owie’ and smiling when you were screaming WHAT THE FUCK BEYOTCH! inside your head.

love is…wanting to say aww and take pictures even though he just puked white goo on you…

love is…when you lie and tell her she doesn’t have cancer

love is…having you on speed dial even though you havent used that number since 2001

love is…being misused by immature tween brats. HONESTLY! Somebody Kill them…

love is…the pocket money you didn’t have to ask for.

love is…cutting class to walk on the beach till you were 12 shades darker, with him.

love is…missing you

love is…telling them they’re awsome dancers, even though monkeys seem more civilized when they hear that hip hop beat.

love is…pulling her pants up before the rest of the world knows she’s worn the most contrasting panties EVER!

love is…saving them a seat, at the expense of bitchy old women’s gossip.

love is…the drunk call.

love is…breaking your heart a little each time you try to justify that nobody’s perfect.

love is…your wingman desperately seeking a date for you.

love is…wanting to stay indoors because you don’t want to share him with anyone else.

love is…like a dagger in your hand; you can do the damage yourself.

love is…a heart attack that killed you when you heard she died.

love is…rainbow sprinkles on vanilla cupcakes with extra frosting.

love is…malevolent.

love is…is knowing when to say goodbye, but being too afraid to do it.

love is…marraige, whether you had the wedding or not.

love is…not killing yourself, but wishing you could.

love is…my first teddy bear, which that fucking bitch lost.

love is…a husband, three kids and a rescued stray dog.

love is…kevin and scotty.

love is…a platinum ring with a 23carat diamond.

love is…bed in breakfast.

love is…wanting to kill her for looking at him that way.

love is…not giving up.

love is…when fifi ignores the calls for food and chooses to sleep next to me.

love is…dinner being already made by the time we get home.

love is…dreaming with your eyes open.

love is…when the little things that don’t matter become quite the opposite.

love is…the greatest thing you’ll ever learn…and to love, and be loved in return.

love is…a musical, hopefully with a happy ending

love is…more saner and solid than crazy/beautiful paints it to be.

love is…watching him asleep.

love is…like floating in a cool pool of water, or the pool of water.

love is…a journey, and i’m taking a break from my destination.

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All Grown Up Now…

All Grown Up

All Grown Up

people give you money, but you have to work a month for it.
you play with kids, but they insist on calling you uncle.
your running in the rain, but you run for cover.
your offerred sweets, and you say no.
you watch cartoons and wonder why they never seem to grow older, or change their clothes.
you want a nap, from here till next year.

Yup, I’m all grown up now….